Exclusive & bespoke jewellery

Jewellery Designer Matthew Calvin

Matthew Calvin is a designer and producer of stylish and contemporary jewellery. Named by the Evening Standard as a go-to name for ‘modern, minimalist designs’.

Clean lines and hand crafted finishes give Matthew’s designs a modern edge while fine and quality materials along with fresh designs maintain a strong sense of femininity.

Matthew has lived in Paris, Barcelona and London and has travelled widely in Asia and Africa.

Currently based in London having studied at the University of the Arts London, Matthew finds his inspiration in the modern physical world around him and the way we each interact with it and each other.

The brand, launched in May 2013 and already consisting of five individual collections is available online and through a growing range of stockists in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Each piece is individually handmade to the highest standard with great attention to detail and finishing.

All jewellery is complemented with clean and minimalist packaging that makes for the perfect gift for someone special or yourself.

If you’d like a bespoke, unique jewellery piece that is yours and only yours, discover bespoke jewellery design from Matthew Calvin.

You can meet Matthew face-to-face in his London or Barcelona design studios where together you will create a totally original, contemporary piece of jewellery.

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