Matthew Calvin’s Stockist Spotlight – Bunka in Beckenham and Forest Hill

Here at Matthew Calvin we’re big fans of the independent concept store; where better to search for a gift than a shop which has the best of lifestyle, beauty and fashion all in one place?

We’re lucky enough to be working with over a hundred amazing independent stores, and whenever we go for store visits we can’t resist picking up an extra few pieces for ourselves. Saving our high-streets seems more important than ever in 2018, so we thought we’d let you in on a few hidden gems in the run-up to Christmas! This week we’re highlighting Bunka, an amazing brand that we’ve had the pleasure of working with for the last four years.

Nestled in the hearts of Beckenham and Forest Hill are two charming boutiques. Emblazoned above the doors in shining font is the simple but captivating name – Bunka. Sister shops Lark in Tooting, Balham, Earlsfield and Wimbledon are their playful siblings, each with their own personality and stuffed to the brim with a highly curated selection of products. One of Matthew Calvin’s biggest stockists since 2015, we’re proud to be featured in every shop.

Head over to Bunka’s Instagram to browse their stunning selection of products, including some of our favourite Bunka pieces below!

Or better yet… go and visit in-store for the best selection of gifts this Christmas.

Trust us, you won’t regret it…



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