The Matthew Calvin team talk to Emily Bickerdike, actress, fashion blogger and queen of minimalism

It’s not a secret that the Matthew Calvin team are drawn to neutral tones and minimal style… so as soon as we discovered actress and fashion blogger Emily Bickerdike (otherwise known as @bxwie), we knew she’d become one of our go-to fixes for style inspiration. 

The queen of minimalism, Emily makes neutral staples look effortlessly cool. Throwing a handful of gold accessories to the mix, Emily’s style is Matthew Calvin down to a tee, and we can’t get enough of it. We got to know Emily a bit better & found out which pieces of jewellery she can’t live without…

I can’t start the day without…

A good, wholesome breakfast (porridge with fruit and seeds is my favorite) and watching the news or listening to a podcast.

Three words your best friend would use to describe you?

I asked my 5 closest girls and the general consensus they came to was “Motivated, loyal and dynamic”, and no I didn’t bribe them!

Where is home?

I’m from West Yorkshire originally, but I moved to Lincoln for university back in 2014. Life and friends have kept me rooted here for now, but I’m looking to move somewhere bigger for my career in the near future.

How did you first get into acting?

Before I did my Drama GCSE I was the shyest person ever, someone who’d never dream of performing in front of an audience. It changed me completely and I never looked back after that. By the time I was at university I was performing in professional productions and I went freelance in 2017 just before I graduated.

What are the best and hardest things about your job?

The level of job satisfaction that comes with acting is like no ‘regular’ career. The feeling of being on stage in the midst of it is indescribable and knowing you’ve given your absolute all on a project is a great feeling. A lot of my love for acting comes down to the people you meet and little families you form from job to job, which is also one of the hardest things when you all go your separate ways. Not to mention the age old actor’s problem of quiet seasons when you have to pick up work elsewhere!

"Layering is your friend - find pieces that look good on their own, but complement each other so you can switch it up day to day."

We adore your minimal/neutral style. What's your number 1 tip for styling jewellery?

Thank you! Layering is your friend – find pieces that look good on their own, but complement each other so you can switch it up day to day. I love stacking rings especially.

What piece of jewellery couldn’t you live without?

I never go out without wearing rings, I’ve got so many gorgeous ones and I love my Matthew Calvin ones dearly, they never leave my fingers! But the piece of jewellery closest to my heart is a gold signet ring with flowers engraved on it that was my mum’s when she was a teenager. 

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you choose?

I’d be on a beach somewhere sunny, with a gin and tonic and my closest girls around me.

Name one essential travel item to take with you?

A bit too sensible an answer, but a portable charger! All that mapping where to go next drains your battery like crazy. Before you know it you’re having to dash back to the hotel to charge your phone and wasting time when you could be seeing the sights.

What’s your best guilty pleasure?

A binge-worthy series. I’m currently watching Pose on iPlayer!

How do you switch off?

In the evening I like to unwind by cooking one of my favourite meals and curling up in front of the telly. I usually then do my nightly skincare routine and settle down with a book and a cuppa. I try not to look at my phone too much too and just absorb whatever I’m watching/reading. I also find it therapeutic to journal about my day before bed, letting your thoughts and emotions out of your head and onto paper helps relieve stress and allows you to sleep better.

“Each day is a blank page and it’s up to each of us what we fill it with and how we tell that story.”

What’s next for you?

I have some exciting auditions coming up that I don’t want to say too much about as I don’t want to jinx them, but I’ll be doing a lot of work towards them over the next month…

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I’ve received so much love and advice from a whole array of people over the past couple of months especially, but the piece of advice (or more of a mantra) that comes to mind is something my mum told me: “Each day is a blank page and it’s up to each of us what we fill it with and how we tell that story.” I have it saved as my wallpaper on my phone to remind me whenever I need it.

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