How the Matthew Calvin team are working from home

As the country goes into lockdown, so many of us are now navigating the unusual process of working from home. Working from home isn’t ideal for many of us, but here at Matthew Calvin we are doing our best at keeping positive & making sure we’re looking after ourselves & those around us.

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We’ve asked the team how they’re keeping sane & boosting productivity whilst working from home.

Working from home brings new challenges but I find putting a daily plan in place really helps. Setting aside time frames for different activities means I keep busy but don’t loose motivation. I try and wake up at the same time each morning and then have a quiet breakfast with Joe. With the new limitations on how many times we can leave the house Joe and I are taking it in turns to walk Colin to make sure we all get enough exercise. Most importantly I make sure that by 6pm my laptop and emails are switched off and I enjoy my evening. We’re catching up on lots of great TV that we’ve been too busy to enjoy and video calling our families to keep moral up! Stay safe everyone x

Working from home is all about finding a new routine for me. I’ve replaced my commute time with yoga and exercises. I’ve found a nice yoga wake up flow that I do right before I start working so I feel ready and concentrated. I’m lucky enough to have a garden, so I enjoy a nice lunch break outside when the sun is shinning. Since I’m home, I play vinyls in the background that I usually don’t have much time to listen to.

I’ve found I’m so much more productive if I get up at my usual time, and get ready as normal. Without my daily commute, it gives me some much needed time in the morning to relax, have breakfast (which I usually skip…) and spend some time with my boyfriend, who’s also working from home at the moment. During the working day, the MC team have found it so helpful constantly keeping in touch for motivation – it’s so easy to get distracted at home, but receiving constant updates really does help me get into work-mode! 

I’m slowly but surely getting used to working from home. I try to take a break every so often and do something I enjoy to ensure my day isn’t too monotonous – looking after my plants, working on other projects, cleaning the flat (then messing it up so I can clean it again). Spending time with Colin is always good to keep morale up, obviously! I’m trying to stick to working times as much as possible to keep a sense of normality to my day. I’m slowly working my way through Netflix series’ in the evenings, accompanied with a glass of wine of course.

Just a reminder – unfortunately, as we’re working from home we’re currently unable to dispatch online orders. Instead, we are offering 25% off gift cards, so you can spend now, and save later.

Sending you all lots of love and positivity from all of us. For now, we’ll leave you with the one thing that always brings us joy…


Matthew, Elodie, Georgia & Joe xxx