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Meet Flavia, Studio Assistant at Matthew Calvin

Meet Flavia, Studio Assistant at Matthew Calvin
19th February 2019 Matthew Calvin
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Meet our Studio Assistant, Flavia

Born and raised in Italy, our newest team member Flavia is a welcome addition, now residing in Bethnal Green. She moved from Rome, Florence and Venice in Italy, to study Photography in London. Constantly supplying the office with Italian cheese, salami and wines, Flavia’s slowly teaching us about the finest Italian foods (though we’re yet to unleash her on our local Italian restaurant – sorry Santore!) Flavia is one of the faces behind preparing all of your orders and making sure our jewellery reaches you in perfect condition. She is also a video editing whizz, finally putting some of our footage from shoots to use!

What’s your go-to meal for a cozy night in?

From Italy with love, a slice of bread with salame (or salami, in English!), a piece of parmigiano and a glass of red wine, very simple but amazing!


What’s your earliest jewellery memory?

I spent my childhood in small village situated in the Roman countryside. The typical village where everybody knows each other. My earliest jewellery memory is the first time that I got my ears pierced, in one of the few jewellers in my village. Now, every time I go to that jeweller, I remember that moment: me sitting in the chair petrified (don’t worry, it’s a trauma I’ve since overcome)!


What’s your favourite local hidden gem? 

I live in Bethnal Green, near to Brick Lane, where you can find the perfect bagel at any time… salmon, butter and a drop of lime and pepper is the key!


Go to trashy movie?

For me, adventure films are the best, particularly ones that involve technology in the storyline. Any excuse to eat Popcorn and drink a glass of good wine!


I couldn’t possibly start the day without…?

My hot coffee and a lovely, hot shower.

Top 3 Matthew Calvin picks and why?

1 – Strand Ring.

I love this design – the double line is amazing.


2 – Double Meteorite Textured Hoops.

The texture and design are great.


3 – Beaded Chain Choker.

I love this – especially in gold. You can wear it for any kind of moment: sipping your coffee, or at a party.

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