Meet Rosie & Milo, Matthew Calvin’s PR Manager & Colin’s best friend!

Behind the scenes, there are other people working hard to make sure the Matthew Calvin brand is discovered. Rosie is one of those people. She is the founder of PR agency, LFA, and has worked alongside team Matthew Calvin for the past four years. Whether she’s pitching our products to magazines, or helping set up beautiful customer and influencer events, Rosie’s always pushing us to be the best we can be! Another bonus to working with Rosie is her dog, Milo. At first, Milo and Colin were forced into a friendship, and it’s now rare to see one without the other!

What’s your go-to meal for a cozy night in?

It depends if I am eating alone or my husband, Nick is cooking. If it’s just me, I’ll get a takeaway (usually Chinese or pizza). If Nick is cooking, he’ll make some kind of cheesy creamy pasta dish.

What’s your earliest jewellery memory?

I don’t think I wore jewellery until I was about 16. I remember it clearly, plastic beads were in and I used to wear a number of different ones in multiple pastel shades around my neck. Not a good look.

What’s your favourite local hidden gem?

The tapas place near our house. It’s called L’Oculto and does the most amazing tapas dishes and wine from a small region in Spain. It’s also dog friendly… win win.

Go to trashy movie?

Bring It On… what a classic.

I couldn’t possibly start the day without…?

A cup of tea. I have 3 before I leave the house.
“No matter what I wear, I’m never ‘dressed’ until I have my hoops on.”

Top 4 Matthew Calvin pics, and why?

I think I have most pieces (it’s turned into an obsession) but I wear the same pieces day in day out. All in Silver… I have cool colouring so it always has to be silver!

1 – Tiny Kite Pendant

I love how minimal it is.

2 – Basic Hoops

(Coming soon!) I have two lower ear piercings and since I saw the sample of these, I’ve been wearing the Basic Hoops and Tusk Hoops just above them.

3 – Tusk Hoops

I never used to wear big earrings but now I feel naked without them.

4 – My custom made Matthew Calvin engagement ring and wedding band

My husband and Matthew secretly made my engagement ring before Nick proposed and it means so much that it was made by a brand I have invested so much time and love in.

This year, Rosie will continue helping to grow the Matthew Calvin brand. Some of you may even see her at events and pop-ups! Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about all things Matthew Calvin. We love having you with us.