New Year Wishes from The Matthew Calvin Team

2018 was huge for us – we opened our first ever retail space (albeit only temporary!), we’ve launched a small range of Lifestyle products and two new ranges of jewellery, which you seem to love as much as we do. We are so excited for the year ahead, so thank you for making 2018 such a wonderful, busy year.

Having said that, with new product ranges and new ventures comes a lot of new responsibilities. We have been working around the clock to try and make sure everything has been running smoothly, and we’ve decided that 2019 is our year to smash it. We’re talking all things organisation, planning and preparation.

This year, we’re not only planning team goals, but personal goals too. Some of the team have been brave enough to share their resolutions with you!

Check back with us in a month and see how we’re getting on…


Matthew –

I’m not really one for making big sweeping resolutions so I’ll be trying to keep to some advice my dad has always given me. That the most important things in life are to be healthy, happy and nice to know.
Saying that, I’m getting married later this year so I’m sure planning will play an essential role in the months leading up to the big day. I’m definitely going to try and hone in on my organisation skills in 2019!


Georgia –

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been gradually learning jewellery making. I’d love to master it this year, as it’s something I really enjoy. I’m also trying to eat less meat weekly, so we’ll see how that one goes too!


Sophie –

I’d like to try and do my bit for the planet so I’m going to use a keep cup instead of using throw away coffee cups.


Joe –

I’d like to do more in London. It’s so easy to forget we live in such an amazing city with so much going on. This year I’m going to do and see more!