This week, we spoke to Ina, Lauren, Eva and Jodie…

Whilst working from home, it’s so easy to get distracted and lose focus, or go down a news-hole and not re-surface for hours… We’ve spoken to Ina, Lauren, Eva and Jodie who have given us their top tips on WFH, and discussed the things that they’re choosing to focus on this month.

What are your top tips to stay motivated whilst working from home?

Always have things to look forward to either in your breaks or in the evenings, whether that’s a walk, a film or a glass (or three) of wine. 

What have you been enjoying cooking or eating at home?

Cookies! We followed the Ravneet Gill recipe from her Instagram live and they didn’t last long. Delish and definitely a pick-me-up!

What are you currently watching?

I’m loving The Nest on BBC and just finished Tiger King on Netflix. The Louis Theroux with Joe Exotic is also a must-watch afterwards! 

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What are your top tips to stay motivated whilst working from home?

I take one day at a time and try keep to a bit of routine, to be honest I don’t need extra motivation staying creative – it’s the more mundane chores that I need motivation for. So it works a bit like after a boring task I reward myself with a fun task. I am quick with the things that are necessary and stretch out the things I enjoy.  I take the day slow at the moment. Trying to stay mindful. The garden has been a true sanctuary, I’ve started taking more notice of birds singing and plants growing. The mind needs calm in all the chaos.

Have you started learning anything new?

I have been enjoying some abstract painting; experimenting with acrylics and texture. The hours fly by and it’s extremely satisfying.

Let us know 1 positive thing that has happened this month!

My birthday! I was supposed to celebrate in Florida but hey, I love my home too! It’s fine, I’m spending it with the people I love, my family – we are all well and happy, that’s all that matters!

Small brands that have Ina's support...

There are so many! If I can name one I’m hoping all the best for Vieloe Skincare who has only traded for about a year – with a lot of extremely hard work! If we can all focus on the smaller, local businesses then that’s a good place to start! 

What are your top tips to stay motivated whilst working from home?

Go outside for some fresh air. I swapped my evening walk/ run for the morning instead after a friend mentioned she was feeling better for it, and it’s made such a big difference to my mood. I’ve also found not staying in pyjamas and actually getting ready (to some capacity) makes a difference to my motivation too. 

Have you been making the most of your 1 daily outing?

Absolutely. I’m lucky to be staying with my parents and the area isn’t too built up so I’ve been walking up to fields. I’ve been doing a walk or run outside every day and it’s the perfect way to stop looking at my phone, clear my head and get some fresh air.

Let us know 1 positive thing that has happened to you this month!

I still managed to start my new job and I’m getting to spend more time with my husband who usually works away.

Small brands that have Jodie's support...

I’d love to support 200 Degrees coffee. They have some lovely coffee shops dotted around the UK, and an amazing coffee subscription service that’s keeping me going right now. They’re a lovely small business that deserve some love! 

What are your top tips to stay motivated whilst working from home?

Creating a daily routine is essential when working from home. It really gives some structure to my days and helps me feel more productive. I wake up every day at around 8am, have my yoga session with AsanaRebel app at home and then I shower and get dressed. Even with the current situation, I’ ve made it my mission to wear makeup and put on something nice – it makes me feel like I am back on track and ready to get on with my tasks. Also, re-decorating my room and playing around with what I already have once a week. Creating a beautiful place to surround you can have such a positive impact.

Have you started learning anything new?

No, but I want to point out that that’s ok. I see everyone going back to watercolours or trying to learn a new language and I know how this can add a pressure to all of us that are happy with doing what we usually do. At the moment I am happy to have my daily workout finished and to read my book. Maybe at a later point I’ll change my mind, who knows.

What are you currently watching?

I’m currently binging Queen of South on Netflix. Have you watched it? You should. Also recommending MindHunters, Stranger and White Collar. The last one is quite old but has quite a few seasons so will keep you busy. But if you really want to kill some time why not start a new book – so relaxing too!

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