Why we’re appreciating Spring even more this year…

This year has taken its’ toll on many of us, and we’ve all been forced to adjust to a very different way of life, albeit temporarily. The sudden change in pace has been a definite adjustment, but we feel like we’re getting into the swing of things. We are appreciating being able to use this time to prepare for the rest of the year, focus on tasks that we usually don’t have time to do, and making the most of spending some time with loved ones (those we live with, of course!).

We’ve loved seeing a push for more positivity online & on social media, and it’s made us think about some of the positives that have perked us up whilst working from home. We’ve noticed that we’ve been appreciating the little things more than usual, which is a great thing, so we thought we’d share some of them with you.


Our brand manager Georgia & her boyfriend Yan got engaged on the weekend! Originally, Yan had planned to pop the question on a trip to New York. As the trip had to be cancelled, he decided he couldn’t wait, and asked mid-lockdown. We couldn’t be happier for them both.


As many of you now know, Colin is Matthew & Joe’s cockapoo, and a regular studio visitor. Colin has been a bit down in the dumps with an ear infection, but is now on the mend and is being more loving and cuddly than ever! He is struggling to understand why both dads are staying at home so much more than usual, but is loving the extra attention that it brings.


Although it was a scary decision to make, pausing our online orders has allowed us much more flexibility to focus on upcoming collections, and has given us the time to explore creative ideas that have been in the works for a long time. Matthew is hard at work putting designs down on paper, ready to do some sampling as soon as we’re back in the studio! We’re really excited about these, and can’t wait to share them with you. 


Rowena, Matthew’s mum (and lets face it, the original Matthew Calvin customer) celebrated her birthday on Monday! As she lives in Barcelona, the original plans had to be put on hold, but the family threw a Zoom birthday party for her, and they all had such a great time with champagne in hand. What a great way to start the week.


The Matthew Calvin team have been working from home for a few weeks now… and our Netflix watchlists are starting to dwindle. We’ve all noticed that in the last week, we’ve started being so much more productive than usual & are ticking things off our personal lists that have been hanging around all year. Our homes have never looked so clean!

time to slow down

It’s a simple one, but the clocks going forward have made such a difference to us. Having that extra bit of daylight (plus the extra time we’re saving from our daily commutes) has really helped us to take a step back, relax and spend some quality down-time with family.  We’re in the midst of a scary time, but it’s not often that we’re able to spend this much time switching off & making time for us, so make the most of it, stay home if you’re able, and look after yourselves.

Whether they’re life changing events, or simply taking the time to appreciate the small things, we’re making sure we’re not giving in to the doom & gloom of the news – we’re making the most of the positives. What are you happy or excited about at the moment? We’d love to share some positivity with everyone! 

Sending you all an abundance of love, positivity & happy thoughts.

Team MC xxx