Why we're embracing Valentines Day

Asking for opinions on Valentines Day is a sure way to divide a crowd – you won’t get far without the words “single” and “commercialised” being thrown around… and it’s not hard to understand why, when you’re being bombarded from all angles with heart shapes and confetti. Here at Matthew Calvin, we’ve chosen to embrace the controversial day, and here’s why. 

Whether you’re shopping for a partner or just someone you’d like to show a bit of love, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a selection of gifts that we’d love to receive this Valentines Day!


Patch Cassie Plant:

We all love getting flowers for Valentines Day… but why not take a different approach this year? 

We’d love to receive a house plant instead – original, beautiful & will last longer than 10 days!

Our favourites, Patch, have many beautiful plants to choose from. We particular love Cassie, plus, she’s great for beginners & works well in most environments! 

Shop the Cassie plant here.

Engravable Amar Signet Ring:

Who doesn’t love jewellery for Valentines Day? One of the most classic ways of showing your love, but with a modern twist.

Our Amar Signet Rings can be engraved with a date, initials or a word, meaning their gift truly will be unique. Part of our best-selling collection, Oro Antiguo, the Amar Signet Ring also looks great as a pinky ring for men, too!

Make sure you order in advance, as our engraving process takes slightly longer than our regular orders do.

Shop the Amar Signet Ring here.



biscuiteers personalised biscuits:

Biscuiteers (the kings and queens of personalised biscuits) have released an amazing selection of hand-iced, Valentines Day themed biscuits.

Not only are they delicious, but they look amazing, are personalisable & can even be posted straight through your loved one’s letterbox.

All you’ve got to do is think of a personalised message, and they’ll ice it straight on to the heart biscuit!

Shop personalised biscuits here.

Matthew, designer:

"I asked Joe out on Valentines day so it’s technically our anniversary. We now have a more important date having got married in August last year, however the 14th will always remain a special date for us both. This year, I’m planning a little something for the evening."

Classic Textured Orb Necklace:

For Valentines Day, its lovely to gift something that the recipient will be able to wear every single day.

Our range of classic necklaces are perfect for everyday wear – petite enough to wear to work, pretty enough to not want to take off!

The Classic Textured Orb Necklace is a definite favourite of ours (and our customers!) and is available in Sterling Silver, Gold & Rose Gold Vermeil. 

Shop the Classic Textured Orb Necklace here.



Hyke Gin:

As it’s Valentines Day, why not choose a gift that you can enjoy together?

We’d love to receive a bottle of our favourite spirit – gin. Our friends over at HYKE created a beautifully packaged, delicious gin, made from surplus grapes imported to the UK for supermarkets.

Created using grape spirit produced from internationally sourced, fresh table grapes, HYKE Gin is great for your conscience, and even better for your taste buds!

Shop HYKE Gin here.

Soy Wax Candle - No.1:

Another classic Valentines gift, candles are always a great present to receive. Our collaboration with Earl of EastNo.1 is a combination of jasmine, lily, seaweed and pine.

Its fresh, floral but sweet scent turns mellow when burning and creates a relaxing aroma that fills your home without being over-powering.

Plus, it’s made from non-GMO eco wax and self-trimming cotton wicks, ensuring a clean burn and an excellent scent throw.

Shop Candle No.1 here.


Georgia, Brand Manager:

"I’ve always loved Valentines Day, even when I was single. As a child, my parents always made sure they got my sister & I valentines day chocolates or flowers so we were involved too, and it’s definitely something I want to introduce when I have children! For me, Valentines Day is about appreciating all the love in our lives, whether it’s romantic or not."



For those of you that are put off by Valentines Day as a commercialised holiday, why not be inventive with your gift ideas this year.

GIRLvsCANCER tee’s not only look great, but provide much needed funding for four cancer charities that continue to support and empower young cancer patients.

A gift that keeps giving – these female form t-shirts are the perfect Valentines gift. Set up by ultimate power force @iamlaurenmahon, GIRLvsCANCER donate 25% of TIT-TEE sales plus ALL money raised from events and brand collaborations to their amazing Partner Charities.

Shop the GIRLvsCANCER range here.


One of our more sentimental pieces, the Double Meteorite Ring Pendant has been a favourite for gifts since it first launched. 

Designed with our signature Meteorite texturing, this pendant is formed of two perfectly shaped rings entwining as one – the perfect relationship metaphor if ever we heard one!

Available in multiple different metal options, all made from a base metal of Sterling Silver, this necklace is designed to last, and will be a classic for years to come.

Shop the Double Meteorite Ring Pendant here.



MAIK Succulent Socks:

Another quirky alternative to flowers this Valentines Day, our friends over at MAIK provide a fun and varied selection of gifts, including these botanical themed Succulent Socks.

From placemats to wash-bags to socks, MAIK’s range of colourful, fun prints are sure to go down well this Valentines Day. With prices from as little as £5, how can you resist?

Shop the Succulent Socks here.

Elodie, Studio Assistant:

"I love Valentines Day and look forward to it every year - almost as much as my birthday or Christmas! To me it's another special day to look forward to in the year, a reason to celebrate and have a good time whether you're with your partner or your friends! Yes, love should be celebrated every day… but I like the feeling of making romantic plans on a specific day. And fingers crossed, another occasion to receive new jewellery!"

Celeste Diamond Earrings:

Hoping to impress this Valentines Day? Diamonds are the perfect (and most traditional) way to make an impact.

From our recent collection, Celeste, these Diamond stud earrings feature 5 sparkling real diamonds per stud and can be worn as ear climbers or drop earrings, so are versatile too!

Available in Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil, the Celeste design is also available as a necklace.

Shop the Celeste Diamond Earrings here.



Patch Rapunzel Plant:

Another botanical themed idea to rival a traditional bouquet, the PATCH Rapunzel is the perfect substitute for roses. 

With the cutest heart shaped leaves, this Devil’s Ivy thrives in humid conditions, and is very easy to look after so makes the perfect gift.

Shop the Rapunzel plant here.

Jump Studs:

Our small stud earrings are all sold in our signature glass test-tube bottles, creating even more of a wow-factor when given as a gift.

The Jump Studs, featuring two links perfectly joining together, are one of our most popular stud styles.

Available in Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold Vermeil.

Shop the Jump Studs here.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on Valentines Day, and how you’ll be celebrating this year. Head over to our Instagram @m.calvin to let us know! 

Love, the Matthew Calvin team x