Inspired by a song, the Dodecahedron collection was born from the marriage of modern, geometric shapes, music, and experimenting with new technologies.

“When we first started, it was being played a lot,” says Matthew. This inspired him to look at geometric shapes. With the song playing all the while in the workshop, he began to get to grips with CAD design, which led him to experimenting with the designs that would later become the beautiful, intricate, modern pieces in the Dodecahedron collection.

The collection started with the Point Ring – Matthew’s first 3D-printed design. It was perfect. The collection, as it grew, mirrored its success, combining symmetry, surfaces and detail to create these beautiful, complex pieces.

“A dodecahedron is a really nice shape,” says Matthew. “It’s the geometric solid shape of a pentagon – a 10-sided shape. It ties in well with other pieces, and lends itself perfectly to 3D printing.”

3D printing allows Matthew to make ‘perfect’ shapes. “At this time, I became a little obsessed with symmetry, evenness and perfection,” he laughs. It’s a move away from his earlier, signature hand-crafted pieces, with their unique imperfections and flaws.