The Shore Collection has been in the works for a very long time - originally scheduled to launch in May, delays that were out of our control pushed the arrival back further than we had expected. That said, it's finally here and we're so happy it is and we're delighted to present it to you. 

"As a child I was always drawn to the water." 

Matthew & father Michael, 1996

Inspired by the seaside and sailing, the Shore Collection's versatile pieces include intricate knot charm details complimented by high polish finishes and organic textures. Growing up in Barcelona, many of Matthew's childhood memories involve the sea and bring about fond recollections of being by the water. Classic mobius shapes twist delicately in both rings and hoops, reminding us of the gentle ebb and flow of the tide. 

Matthew & sister Sophie, Spain 1998

A NOTE FROM matthew:

My initial inspiration for the Shore Collection struck a while ago. As a child I was always drawn to the water and I find the tide mesmerising. Whether it's the sunshine sparkling on the sea, bubbles and textures within each wave or the unpredictability of patterns in the sand, I love the whole experience. When I first started designing, I would look at jewellery with the same level of fascination. The ability to create entirely unique textures and patterns, alongside high-polish finishes that we all struggle to resist. I knew I somehow wanted to combine the two. 

Matthew, Spain 1996

Matthew and sister Sophie, 1998

While we were all stuck at home during 2020, with summer holidays cancelled and zoom calls the only way we could see our families, the nostalgia I already felt about the sea and childhood holidays came back in full force. I decided to start working on the collection throughout lockdown, partly as a distraction from what was happening at the time. What started as a coping mechanism, I guess, turned into this collection which I am so happy to finally be launching. It fills me with positive memories and flashbacks of my childhood and I really hope that resonates with you, too. 

"The nostalgia I already felt about the sea and childhood holidays came back in full force." 

We can't wait to hear what you think of the collection. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list, or follow us on social media @m.calvin for more insight to the world of Matthew Calvin. We love having you with us! 

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